Our Executive Director was honored to be a guest speaker for Mission Increase Foundation Banquet:

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Praise Report for September

Barb and Allen shopped at WLFJ three years ago when they were going through a hard time.  Allen had lost his very good job and was not able to find anything to replace it.  He now has a job that (more…)

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School Supplies

As honored guests waited for our outreach day to begin, a volunteer moved among them asking if anyone needs prayer. Ricki asked if the volunteer would pray for her a job. While doing her shopping, she received two telephone calls setting up job interviews.  Ricki left encouraged.

Joey drove from Lillington to receive food but God had other plans-Joey received Jesus and food!  Audrey came for food and also received Christ. Many guests come into the prayer center knowing that Jesus is their only hope.  He does not disappoint those who come to Him with seeking hearts.

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Praise Report for July, 2015

Sharon stopped in the prayer center because she needed a mattress. She received ministry from a volunteer who blessed her with a mattress.  She also received Jesus!!!  It was an unusual Saturday in that we didn’t have very many volunteers.  We had to close early to serve well those who were in the building.  For the first group of the day, the gospel was given in English with no one to translate. The second group of the day was very different.  A Spanish-speaking volunteer came in and was able to interpret into Spanish. Three people received Christ!  All were Spanish speaking guests!

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