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Praise Report for July, 2015

Sharon stopped in the prayer center because she needed a mattress. She received ministry from a volunteer who blessed her with a mattress.  She also received Jesus!!!  It was an unusual Saturday in that we didn’t have very many volunteers.  We had to close early to serve well those who were in the building.  For the first group of the day, the gospel was given in English with no one to translate. The second group of the day was very different.  A Spanish-speaking volunteer came in and was able to interpret into Spanish. Three people received Christ!  All were Spanish speaking guests!

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Praise Report for May, 2015

The community comes to us with many needs and from a very diverse background.

We see honored guests from Mexico, India, Jamaica, Vietnam, Central and South

American countries. Africa and other distant lands in addition to America. We are

quite a melting pot of nations and people.  It reminds me of Psalm 2. God says in 

verse 8: “Ask of me and I will give you the nations as an inheritance, and the far

parts of the earth for your possession.”  We are asking the Lord for these from the

nations that embark on WLFJ soil to be given to the Body of Christ. (more…)

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Praise Report for April

A lady returned to the prayer center to thank a volunteer for praying for her on 

her last visit.  She had high blood pressure and was very emotionally down.  On

her return visit she shared that God not only healed her blood pressure issue

but also had given her joy.

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