A Note from our CEO

Thinking back over all that God has done, the one thing that stands out to me is that it takes all the pieces to make the whole.  This year, we celebrate 22 years of ministry. Volunteers include so many different groups of workers. We have leadership team, prayer team, pickup teams, advisory board, staff, governing board and countless individuals and groups of volunteers that all do their part to keep this ministry going day after day. Within each group there are individual people whose part is strategic to the whole. UNITY! Yes, we are all about unity!

In those beginning days, it was all about human need. How many bags of groceries were given away in a day or week was our measuring stick. Evangelism quickly took over that focus as we longed each day to see someone step into God’s Kingdom. But, God surprised us by changing even that focus. He gave us the focus of being a platform to display the UNITY of the Body of Christ.

Here we are 22 years later. We have learned an important truth. If we do unity well (love each other, stand together, move in the same direction following Jesus, work through conflict), human need is met and people come to know Jesus. Unity displayed is the greatest evangelism tool that we have. (Jesus said that our unity displayed declares that the Father sent the Son. See John 17:23)

Check out this website. Pray for us. Come to a volunteer orientation class. Send a love gift. Get your church involved. We are family and we can’t wait to meet you!

His Praises,