To Receive Help

Food, Clothing, Household Items & Furniture are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 9:30am-Noon. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to closing time in order to shop. Guests arriving between 9:30 and 10:00 receive food only. To receive all resources, guests must arrive after 10:00 a.m. The food only group would be for guests desiring only food or who need to shop quickly. Those arriving after 10:00 will need the flexibility to stay longer.

Please come to the back of the shopping center and a volunteer will show you where to enter the building.

  • No one allowed on the property before¬†9:30am
  • Please arrive no later than 11:30am
  • No Distribution on Sunday, Monday & Thursday
  • No Identification Required
  • No Referral Necessary
  • No Proof of Income Required
  • All requests for assistance must be made during the above stated hours
  • Receive Freely —¬†With Love From Jesus
  • Everyone Welcome