Vince came to Raleigh from Mississippi to attend his brother’s funeral and to begin a new job here. He wanted prayer for the Lord’s provision of a place to stay and a place to shower. His friend, James, a regular shopper, brought him to WLFJ. The Prayer Center Volunteer prayed for the Lord’s comfort and strength and for Him to provide for Vince’s needs. After praying they talked about what it meant to surrender your life to the Lord. His friend leaned in and the volunteer asked him, if after his many visits to WLFJ if he had made that decision as well. James replied that today was the day, he was ready to make that important decision. Both men prayed for forgiveness and invited Jesus into their lives. They were each given a Bible and “homework” to read the book of John. A volunteer who saw them later said they both clutched their Bibles to their chests and told her they had reading to do! We then called a local men’s shelter and was told that they had room for Vince and that he should come over there today!