I was busy on the loading dock when a lady pulled up to donate gently used household items. She shared with me that 18 years ago, she was given the unexpected situation of raising her two grandsons. Both boys were tiny. Their dad, her son, wasn’t able to care for them. In those days, she learned about With Love From Jesus. We were, at the time, located in our first building on Chapel Hill Road. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she shared that the ministry enabled her to feed the boys. She laughed through the tears as she said, “Do you know how much milk two young boys drink?” I nodded in agreement. “You guys provided that milk for them and so much more,” she said. She handed me a check to help support this work as she shared that the boys were both now in the military and doing good. She loved the opportunity of giving back to the ministry. Wow! “Thank you Jesus.” Loading dock duty turned into a beautiful reunion and many praises!