April Praises

A teary donor came to donate 2 dressers her late father had made for her daughters when they were young. Her daughters, now in their 40’s, wanted to pass them on to a family with small children that could be blessed by these treasurers. About 10 minutes later, they were given away to a young mom with two little girls. The donor was able to share her story with the new owner of these precious gifts. It was a blessing for both donor and guest!  A bi-lingual volunteer explained that the guest had recently moved to this area from Guatemala.

March Praises

The new giver arrived dressed up like a leprechaun along with many others from his company. They came bearing gifts!  Paper products, paper products and more paper products. Since his visit with us two weeks earlier, his company had been busy. Every client was told about WLFJ and invited to purchase a pallet of paper products. Many took him up on his offer to purchase and deliver their gifts. He rented a huge box truck and delivered the treasures along with lunch for our volunteers. What a fun day! 

Two days later, we had youth groups and a local church scheduled to serve. 

February Praises

Mary Ann is a regular guest in Johnston County. She asked several times for a bed, but we didn’t have one. On another visit she asked again and received prayer again. This time we had exactly what she was looking for–a nice single bed was perfect for her small room. As she shopped for food and other needed resources, a donor came to the front door and handed a volunteer a bag. It was a beautiful comforter set for a single bed. Mary Ann not only got her bed but freshly washed linens as well. Each time she comes back to shop,

January Praises

A father and his young son came to shop.  The dad was asking for blankets.  We had given all we had away, however, the volunteer remembered sleeping bags that were set aside and shared those with the guest.  The little boy was excited and thankful, continuing over and over to thank the volunteer for his new blanket.  Most children his age are excited about a new toy or gadget.  This little guy was blessed to have a warm blanket.  “Thank You, Jesus.”  It was our pleasure to meet this need in Jesus’ Name with the prayer that every time they cover up on a cold night,

December Praises

Ella is a regular guest.  After shopping, she returned to her car to find that the battery was dead.  Another guest, dressed in scrubs, offered her jumper cables.  They struck up a conversation as these two ladies together got Ella’s car running.  Ella found out that her new friend worked for a home care service for the elderly.  Ella took the information and contacted the company about a job.  She was hired.  Ella recognized that in the midst of her difficult circumstances, God was doing His own work of provision for her.

November Praises

Alice had been coming to the ministry for a few weeks with a friend.  She was in a car accident and struggled to walk using a cane.  As she labored to make it from her shopping cart to the restroom, she asked the volunteer if we ever received the type of walkers that have a seat.  The volunteer prayed with her for God’s provision.  As she began to shop, a volunteer brought her a walker exactly like what she had prayed for only a few minutes earlier.  A donor had just left one at the donation door.  God’s perfect provision and timing were a great blessing to both Alice and the volunteer.

October Praises

She arrived thirty minutes after we closed for donations. Her day had been challenging. She was headed out of town, but wanted to get her beautiful ‘treasures’ to us. Praying all the way to our building for someone to be there, Alice walked in the door apologizing for being late. We were still cleaning up and organizing things after our own challenging day. We were thankful that we hadn’t left yet for the day. She had been to Bed, Bath and Beyond where she found a huge sale–80% off. There was nothing in the sale rack that she needed,

September Praises

We praise God for the release of book #2 of our CEO Linda H. Williams titled Ordinary Days. Blending stories from the Bible, the lives of volunteers and honored guests at WLFJ and her own personal life, Linda shows us that when we celebrate and share the goodness of God, our faith is strengthened, and we become part of the amazing things He does through ordinary, normal lives.

August Praises

THANK YOU BODY OF CHRIST. WE MATCHED OUR GRANT!! Thank you for every prayer and every dollar given to help us match this great and timely provision. Summer can often be time in the non-profit world where donations are lower. We watched again the Body of Christ pull together in unity to let Jesus be seen! It was wonderful to have this gift and all the gifts that came together to match it. God takes care of us!  Thank you for being part of His Provision.

July Praises

For many who come to the US from other countries, With Love From Jesus has become a place to receive not only needed resources but also prayer and compassion. What a privilege it is for this ministry to have such a beautiful stewardship into the lives of so many.