Recently we experienced something that never happens on a Saturday…we didn’t have enough volunteers to open the doors!  It was the weekend of Hurricane Irma and volunteers and resources were in great demand in other places.  As our tiny group of leadership prayed, a few more volunteers trickled in the door.  We were finally able to open the doors to a small group of Honored Guests.  We had to limit them to receiving food and prayer only.  Jessica was on a time schedule, but our limited ability to serve her and her fiance gave them the time to stop in the Prayer Center.  He asked for prayer for their upcoming marriage.  He was a Christ Follower and thought that Jessica was as well.  As they talked, Jessica shared that she has been through many difficulties in her life.  While she knew all about Jesus, she didn’t know Him as her Savior…but that changed before she left the building!  God used what looked like a bad situation to bring this bride-to-be into the Kingdom and plant them on a firm foundation for their marriage.