Melissa, a young mother, stopped in the Prayer Center because she needed help breaking free from the addiction of smoking marijuana and was convicted about her anger and swearing as well.  She said that she knew these things were a sin against God and that her boyfriend told her she was going to hell because of them.  The volunteer asked Melissa what she thought she could do to avoid hell.  The girl responded with ideas like reading the Bible and going to church.  The volunteer loving explained that these things were good, but none of them could save her.  She shared with Melissa about God’s plan of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus.  Melissa was overjoyed that she could in fact be saved!  She prayed and accepted Jesus as her Savior and asked for His help to break the patterns of sin in her life.  She left with a new Bible in her hand and the knowledge that she is loved and accepted by her Heavenly Father!