In Johnston County on Sunday night, the crowds continued to pour in and the available turkeys were getting very low.  The leader shared with the honored guests that turkeys were low but we wanted everyone to be blessed.  If anyone was having dinner with someone else for Thanksgiving and didn’t need a turkey and would be willing to pass, they would be allowed to shop first and also could have a second meat from our deli table.  Several guests raised their hand willing to pass on this big treat in order to help others also be blessed.  It is wonderful to watch even those with great needs be willing to bless each other.  At the end of the evening, there were only two who wanted turkeys that couldn’t receive one, but they were give a voucher to collect one from a local church later this week before Thanksgiving day.  God covered it all.  Creativity comes from God.  He gives wisdom to be able to serve well those He sends to our doors.