November praises

The short but very focused message was about guilt. The prayer center filled up with people struggling with guilt who needed help. 

September Praises

A volunteer came to serve with her husband. She’s been having many health issues and a few months ago was able to get some help from the Mayo Clinic in Florida.

July Praises

Savannah, a sixth grader, came to serve on a Saturday when we were challenged for volunteers to cover every area.

April Praises

It’s been incredible to watch the flexibility of our volunteers as we’ve been serving the community under these more challenging circumstances.

March Praises

Ministry for our volunteers comes in many forms. We have folks that help on days that we bring in honored guests,

February Praises

Vince came to Raleigh from Mississippi to attend his brother’s funeral and to begin a new job here.

December 2019 Praises

The very amazing Body of Christ came through in every way as we ministered to our Johnston and Wake County neighbors this Christmas season.

November 2019 Praises

Two volunteers used the place of their own grief to share with our honored guests about the need to be sure they were right with Jesus.