Praise Report for July

One of our regular shoppers thanked the volunteers for faithfully praying for him 

as he went through a difficult year of chemotherapy. They were able to praise the 

Lord together as he shared that he is now cancer free!  Brenda is a single mom

with three small children. She was touched recently by the message given that

we have a Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us.


Praise Report for May, 2014

It was our pleasure to partner with Church Alive recently to have a small

carnival in our parking lot for honored guests. It was a fun day for volunteers and

guests alike as bouncy houses, snow cones, pig picking, performances, and other

fun activities were enjoyed by all.  One of our best ways of drawing in unbelievers

is for the love and fellowship of the Body of Christ to be witnessed. […]

Praise Report for April, 2014

Angela had been praying with the volunteer for a mattress set for some time.  

On her next visit there was a box spring but no mattress.  She took it with the 

belief that God would provide the rest of the set.  As she was leaving another 

guest came back to say that she wanted to change her mind and take a sofa instead

of the mattress that she had received.  Angela was able to receive the complete

set and the other guest was blessed by the sofa.

Praise Report for February

Sherry stopped in the prayer center with a need for a mattress. The volunteer 

prayed with her for the mattress and continued to chat with her about her

relationship with Jesus. She quickly responded that she went to church. The

volunteer pursued the conversation. She is fifty and living with a man that is 

sixty-five she felt this was her only option for a place to live.  The patient

volunteer helped her understand that church attendance doesn’t make you right

with God.

January, 2014

There are a few guests that we are careful to observe as they shop.  It is usually someone that struggles with their behavior.  Dwight is one of those guests. He has been coming for some time and has often been a challenge. Recently, Dwight raised his hand indicating his desire to surrender his life to Christ. After the message, he stopped in the prayer center to ask someone to pray with him. What a delight to see God touch the life of one that has such a great need.