February Praises

Vince came to Raleigh from Mississippi to attend his brother’s funeral and to begin a new job here. He wanted prayer for the Lord’s provision of a place to stay and a place to shower. His friend, James, a regular shopper, brought him to WLFJ. The Prayer Center Volunteer prayed for the Lord’s comfort and strength and for Him to provide for Vince’s needs. After praying they talked about what it meant to surrender your life to the Lord. His friend leaned in and the volunteer asked him, if after his many visits to WLFJ if he had made that decision as well.

January Praises

Carrie and her sons recently moved to N.C. As a believer, Carrie was heartsick over her son’s lack of desire to walk with the Lord. The volunteer prayed for her adult sons to realize their need and turn back to the Lord. A few minutes later, one of her sons (who was with her shopping) came to the prayer center and shared with the same volunteer that as a preteen he received Christ but has been wayward for a long time. The volunteer reminded him that God is always waiting to receive His children back. He asked God for forgiveness and the volunteer prayed for him to seek God concerning his future.

December 2019 Praises

The very amazing Body of Christ came through in every way as we ministered to our Johnston and Wake County neighbors this Christmas season. Children canvassed their neighborhoods, youth groups did toy drives, Sunday School classes shopped, businesses gathered toys and resources, but all pulled together to make the unique WLFJ December experience a special one for our honored guests. It never grows old to hear the laughter and excitement as moms and dads find that special something for their child.

November 2019 Praises

Two volunteers used the place of their own grief to share with our honored guests about the need to be sure they were right with Jesus. Both volunteers stood by their moms this month as they slipped into eternity. With the memories fresh on their minds, both shared the urgency of not putting off until tomorrow this huge and most important decision. As a result of sharing, several guests prayed to receive Christ. God is always redeeming and working through our own life experiences including grief and heartache to draw others to Himself. Both of these volunteers would tell you that it was their honor and privilege to get to share.

October 2019 Praises

Carlos came to WLFJ to shop and met a volunteer who invited him to attend her church. He’s been walking with the Lord, attending church regularly, and was recently baptized at his new church. It was a tremendous blessing for Carlos to find a church family. It was a beautiful encouragement for the volunteer to see her service at WLFJ and her church blend into one.

September 2019 Praises

It seems that in our Johnston County building, God has been at work meeting unusual medical needs. Annie was recently in an accident and needed several different medical supplies. The volunteers were able to meet every request. Valerie came wearing a surgical boot. As she was shopping, the volunteer in receiving–not aware of the need– noticed a surgical boot in the warehouse and decided to place it in the bonus area. Valerie was wearing a boot that was too small but she couldn’t afford another one. She spotted this one in bonus and it was a perfect fit. Amazing God!!

August 2019 Praises

Recently on a Sunday in Johnston County there were so many donations to give away that we had to extend outside the building. Honored guests were blessed to hunt and pick among the bonus items to receive more treasures to take home. It was especially fun for us to remember back more than 19 years ago to our small beginnings. Serving the community from our garages and often using yard sale signs to draw people is exactly how WLFJ began! The Body of Christ–then and now–had many opportunities to talk and share for an extended time with honored guests.

July 2019 Praises

She was dressed in her business attire and came into the Johnston County facility at the end of a public day. The resource needed on this day was prayer. For weeks as she shopped for essentials for her family she had also had volunteers pray for her a job. On this day, she had a job interview. She left the prospective employer and came straight to receive prayer. We love watching those God sends to us get on their feet and move ahead with Jesus and a new future.

June 2019 Praises

Iris is dealing with debilitating back pain and asked for prayer.  Heather recently had a stoke and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She has many surgeries ahead of her but was very thankful for those who prayed for her. Many of our honored guests are dealing with huge health issues. We are very thankful to be able to take these needs to our Great, Almighty, Healing God!


Ellen was in prison.  As a young mother she witnessed her husband abusing her small children.  She felt helpless to stop it and cried out to God for her children’s protection.  A teacher at school discovered their secret.  Her husband went to prison, but so did Ellen.  For the next four years she only saw her children when they came with their social worker once a month.  As time neared for her to be released, a volunteer at the prison told her about WLFJ.  Each week she would come to WLFJ to shop but on Saturdays she would come to serve.