Praise Reports


Recently we experienced something that never happens on a Saturday…we didn’t have enough volunteers to open the doors!  It was the weekend of Hurricane Irma and volunteers and resources were in great demand in other places.  As our tiny group of leadership prayed, a few more volunteers trickled in the door.  We were finally able to open the doors to a small group of Honored Guests.  We had to limit them to receiving food and prayer only.  Jessica was on a time schedule, but our limited ability to serve her and her fiance gave them the time to stop in the Prayer Center. 


One of our volunteers was giving out the message and shared a story about a bird that had gotten stuck in her house and refused to be rescued.  She compared it to how often we run away from God instead of to Him.  Emma came to the prayer center to talk afterward because “she was ready to come to Jesus to be saved.” They prayed together, she received Jesus, and she was given a Bible.  The volunteer encouraged her to get connected to a local church.  Emma’s teenage son spoke up and suggested they go to the church he had visited with a friend from school.  


A man that shops with us often, and is quiet and always a bit of a loner, was blessed this week with a wheelchair.  As he was exiting the building, he spotted a wheelchair at our bonus area.  His wife has been in need of one for a year.  The bonus area is just that–a bonus!  It’s extras that folks can take as they leave the building.  He was moved with emotion at this beautiful gift from the Lord just for him.  We could be seeing his wife shopping with him soon–Praise the Lord!


Maria is a first-time guest who is also a believer.  She was excited that a gospel message was given in addition to the food and clothing she needed.  She humbly prayed, kneeling before the Lord despite her advanced age, to thank the Lord for His faithful provision.  Maria asked the prayer center volunteer to pray with her for a job that she could physically handle and for God’s healing on her body.  Recently she was diagnosed with a brain tumor but was afraid she would be denied treatment because of her inability to pay.


Ellen was in prison.  As a young mother she witnessed her husband abusing her small children.  She felt helpless to stop it and cried out to God for her children’s protection.  A teacher at school discovered their secret.  Her husband went to prison, but so did Ellen.  For the next four years she only saw her children when they came with their social worker once a month.  As time neared for her to be released, a volunteer at the prison told her about WLFJ.  Each week she would come to WLFJ to shop but on Saturdays she would come to serve.  

Praise Report for March

Tonya came to shop.  She just found out she’s expecting a baby and is newly off drugs.  Her food stamps have not come as promised and her needs are great. During her shopping experience, at very different times, two leadership people were drawn to pray for her.  They supplied her with a few extras to fill gaps that she hoped food stamps would supply.  We thank the Lord for God appointments!

A man who had walked to the ministry stopped in the prayer center to ask for a coat and gloves.  It was a wet, cold day.  Quickly the gloves were supplied but no coat fit his large frame.  

February Praise Report

The clarinet music sweetly flowed out the door and down the hall as guests came to shop.  One lady stood trying to decide whether she should come or not.  As she struggled with that decision, the music seemed to be calling her to come.  She slipped into the building and started her first shopping experience at WLFJ.  The volunteer came as he always comes to serve and share the Word on Tuesdays.  On this day, he decided to bring his clarinet and add a bit of culture to our day. Little did he realize that God was wooing in a first time guest and would use this small decision in this way.  

Praise Report for January, 2017

A family came to our Johnston County outreach for the first time with their school age daughter who is struggling with gender identity.  A volunteer from out of town visiting for a local church conference was able to relate about a similar struggle she had in her life and how Jesus showed her the way.  She took the entire family aside, prayed, and listened lovingly to their struggles.  After earning their trust, she took the daughter aside to pray and talk with her.  They left having been heard, valued, cared for, loved and encouraged.


It was Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the last day we would be open to the community for that week.  Stacy, a honored guest, noticed that there was a scripture taped to the back of another shopper.  They engaged in conversation over this odd little advertisement of the Word.  The message was given and then they continued to chat.  Stacy stopped two of our volunteers to receive answers to several questions and recommitted her life to the Lord.  Wow! Thank you Jesus for the testimony of one in need who used her need as a stewardship to sow into the lives of others!

Praise Report for October

A Partnering church did an amazing “bumper crop” for us and delivered it recently.  What is a “bumper crop”?  It’s when a local church passes out grocery bags to their members one week with a list of needed food items and other resources for WLFJ.  They fill their bags and bring them back the next week leaving their bag at the back bumper of their car.  A designated committee member drives a truck through the parking lot and picks up those bags and brings them to WLFJ.  If your church is interested, email for more information.